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We Are Blue Voodoo

A Multidisciplinary Exterior Design Firm.

Blue Voodoo Design is a full service exterior design studio based out of Las Vegas, Nevada but has been serving homeowners across the states since 2015. Built from the ground up to serve its customers with intelligent, creative, and conscious solutions to all of their outdoor living area needs. Blue Voodoo Design is the only design service provider you'll ever need. Integrity. Creativity. Efficiency. Value. These are the concepts at the core of our foundation and they inform everything we do.

In 2021, after 15 years in the landscape and pool building industry, we saw a need for better designs and better guidance to be given to clients before they hand those designs to contractors, and that's why I founded Blue Voodoo Design.

As someone who has designed and built hundreds of exterior living projects, we know what it takes to build them and what they cost. We start with sound design principles, fit them to your desires and budget, and then present you with a finished design that can actually be executed by your contractor of choice.

A great design is only as great as its ability to be brought to life... that's what Blue Voodoo Design does that others cannot.

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